Tips for Transforming a Hotel Meeting Room into the Perfect Space for Your Special Event

4 years ago by in Conference Planning, Event Planning

hotel meeting room table

Hotel meeting rooms are often ideal places to hold seminars, trainings, clinics, conferences, reunions, and other special events like these.  Attendees usually stay onsite, there are amenities including restaurants either within the hotel or nearby, and the rooms themselves are usually open and fairly affordable.

The one drawback of hotel meeting rooms is that while the lack of design elements makes the space highly customizable to your event, it’s also a very blank slate from which to begin.  With these tips though you’ll be able to transform a basic hotel meeting room into just the right space for any type of special event you may be planning easily.

Provide Food and Drinks

As mentioned above, one of the major benefits of holding your special event at a hotel meeting room is the fact that there is food onsite.  If your attendees have to leave to get lunch or snacks, concentration breaks, and there is a often a great deal of time wasted trying to get back on track.

When you can provide food and drinks directly in your meeting space however, this isn’t an issue.  No one will be hungry, everyone will stay on task, and, most importantly, there’s an overall continuity to your event you can’t cultivate otherwise.

Use the Right Furniture

Having access to the right furniture is also important when holding a special event in a hotel meeting room. Pieces like the IBEBI Archimede flip top table allow you a level of versatility essential when trying to transform a space like this.

In fact, as you can see in these images from the Winter Garden Hotel in Bergamo, along with the video included here, you can configure the Archimede table in a variety of different ways to suit any type of event.  From rows, to an octagon, to a full size board room table and more this one unique table makes it possible

Not only that the specially designed interlocking mechanisms makes all of these changes fast and easy.  This way you can have a training one day, a conference the next, and a bridal shower the day after that all in the same hotel room with minimal time and “manpower” spent on reconfiguring the room each time!

Include Capabilities for Multi Media Devices

You’ll also want to be sure the hotel meeting room you choose can accommodate any and all multimedia devices your clients may have.  While there are many ways to do this, using the right furniture can make sure it will work well each time.  For example, the Archimede table also has electrical outlets built into the table.  This way, if you need a big screen TV, several laptops, or any other type of multi media devices for your special event, you can accommodate them safely.

Now that you’ve got these tips for transforming a hotel meeting room you can plan your next special event with ease. For more helpful tips like these, please sign up for our newsletter!