The Perfect Table For Training Centers

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You have a course to teach and 20 students coming. You only have two tables that will seat four students each. Where can you find some more tables to accommodate the other 12 students? There are some extra tables in the room next door. Your students arrive and you ask them to help you move the tables. After 10 minutes, all of the students have arrived and you are still working to set everything up. The unexpected lack of seating has just caused your course to begin late. Embarrassing and unprofessional to say the least!

Unfortunately you didn’t have some Archimede tables in the room. They are the perfect solution for training and learning centers where space, functionality and versatility are a must.


Sometimes you need every centimeter of floor space. Archimede tables fold quickly and easily. Simply roll them to the sidelines when they aren’t needed and move them back into position when necessary. Why waste time and space with bulky furniture that is hard to move?


Would you like to create a circle so everyone can see each other during a group conversation? Should desks be separated and facing the same direction? Do you want everyone in a straight line for a particular activity? Archimede solves these problems. Create any shape, any size. The various combinations of tables allow you numerous options to create the perfect seating arrangement.


One of the handiest features on the underside of the table is built in chair hook. When the table is closed, simply hang the folded chairs on the hook to quickly create more space. For electronic devices, such as computers, you’ll also find that the built-in outlet allows you to keep the device on the table instead of relocating it to the nearest wall outlet.

The last table you’ll ever have to buy. Archimede is the perfect solution for all of your training and learning center needs! Be sure to subscribe now to our newsletter where you’ll receive more great tips like these and stay up-to-date on all of the latest and greatest products from iBebi!