Ten Rules for the perfect conference.

4 years ago by in Conference Planning

A project manager covers a wide range of tasks: his or her responsibilities are not limited to the planning of cost, schedule and quality control, but also ranging from customer relationship to team building.

Because of this, interpersonal dynamics and communication skills are crucial to the role, especially during business meetings, the physical meeting where the charisma and leadership skills of the project manager must emerge.

How do you organize a conference that has all it takes to bring out this potential?

First we must always keep in mind that a corporate conference has a cost, both in terms of time and resources, and for this reason, must have a precise motivation that brings about a concrete result.

The steps involved in making an effective business meeting can be summarized in the following 10 points:

  1. programming: very important because it allows the guests to organize their own agenda and prepare relevant materials for the conference;
  2. publish a complete agenda, dividing the time spent on each topic;
  3. choose carefully the key people to be invited;
  4. maintain the right coolness: knowing how to listen and moderate interventions, start and end on time according to the planned agenda;
  5. explain the purpose of the meeting and the expected results;
  6. check the time and follow the agenda balancing the manner and timing of intervention;
  7. for each action identified, assign a person responsible and a deadline;
  8. document all actions and decide who to entrust;
  9. summarize the decisions taken before dissolving the meeting;
  10. record discussions and communicate them to all, especially those who are absent.

All these precautions are functional to the organization to prepare the guests with a situation of open dialogue. However, to foster communication, even the greeting and the place intended for the conference must be properly cared for. The setting is in fact an impactful emotional role: imagine a three-hour meeting around a rickety table, with chairs that are too high in relation to the bearing surface, where the table, perhaps, does not provide a connection for the power supply of the laptop. Furnish your conference room with IBEBI means being aware of how much comfort and, why not, even the eye’s pleasure, are important actors in the process of effective communication.

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