Something HOTH!!

4 years ago by in Chairs

There’s no use denying it: the convenience of plastic chairs solves a lot of problems with space and location decor. They are convenient to move, stackable, durable, and easy to clean. With their many colors, they brighten up the waiting rooms of offices and clinics that would otherwise be all the same. Also, if you need to have extra chairs for dinners all of a sudden, the folding or stackable plastic chairs perfect!

But how do you choose the right chair? Is one is as good as the another? Always try before you buy! The models on the market come in different forms for interiors, exterior, home, office, fixed or folding, a side chair, chairs for bars, in different materials and colors.

The most commercial models are: ergonomic chairs, stools, chairs with or without armrests, seat and backrest in one-piece or totally separate. The size of each chair obviously differs depending on the model you want: there are very bulky and cozy chairs, others minimalist, and those that are plain and simple.

But how to combine the elegance of a sophisticated setting with convenience? We made it! We present HOTH, the solution that brings together design and functionality! And it is not only guaranteed over twenty years! Certified CATAS, the structure in polypropylene is recyclable and reinforced with glass fiber, molded injection with air molding technique.

It does not end here: HOTH is an ergonomic chair with lumbar support. What are the colors that best blends in with other furniture? White, cream, ash, smoke, orange, or green?

Click on the IBEBI showcase,, and choose your HOTH seat.