Showing the Hoth Chair and More at NeoCon 2014

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Recently, IBEBI Design had the opportunity to show our Hoth Chair at NeoCon 2014 in Chicago, IL!  We also had the honor of showing two of our innovative stool designs in conjunction with the Magnuson Group at the event.  This was an amazing experience, and all of us here at IBEBI are honored by how many positive comments our designs received from all of the guests.

The Hoth Chair Lands at NeoCon 2014

Known world wide as “North America’s largest design exposition and conference for commercial interiors”, NeoCon 2014 is the ideal place to get to know the Hoth Chair and see why it would make a perfect addition to any type of commercial space.  From restaurants, to offices, to hospital waiting rooms, and every type of space in between the Hoth chair offers a range of distinct advantages:

  • Made of 100% recyclable polypropylene, reinforced with glass fiber and produced using the Air Molding injection technique, the Hoth chair is designed to withstand basically anything.
  • The Hoth chair is stackable so, when it’s not in use, you can easily stack the chairs up and place them in a corner out of the way to save space and allow you more versatility with your room.
  • IBEBI designed the Hoth chair to offer lumbar support for a level of comfort you can’t find in other types of chairs like this.
  • With its smooth, plastic design, the Hoth chair is easy to keep clean and sanitary; an important concern for many types of commercial spaces.

Not only is the Hoth chair indestructible, comfortable, and functional, but, it’s also beautiful!  You can find the Hoth chair in a range of colors so it will easily fit with your décor.  Plus, it offers a clean, modern look that most chairs in its category can’t match.

Then The Hula Op and Bongo Stools Take the Stage

Panoramica stand Neocon 2014

In addition to the Hoth chair, IBEBI Design, along with the Magnuson Group, presented both the Hula OP and the Bongo stools. Many NeoCon 2014 attendees found these stools to be uniquely fashionable, highly functional, and exactly the type of pieces they hoped to incorporate into their commercial interiors.

If you’re working on designing or furnishing any type of commercial space be sure to take the time to visit the next NeoCon event for some inspirational ideas; and to see IBEBI Design pieces like the Hoth Chair, Hula Op Stool, and Bongo Stool up close and personal!

You and your business will be glad you did.