Inflatable Gallery vs Gazebo

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Having a space outside to hold company events like receptions, parties, or fundraisers is invaluable.  For many, a gazebo is likely to come to mind as the type of structure that would be best for these types of special events.  However, while a gazebo is lovely, have you considered using an inflatable structure? Using a temporary inflatable gallery for company events can offer a range of advantages including:

Temporary Structures Don’t Take Up Permanent Space

Because inflatable structures are temporary they don’t take up extra space when not in use.  Instead, they can be stored until they’re needed freeing up the area for other types of events that don’t require a structure in that exact location or, at all.

Built In Lighting Makes Everything Easier

No need to worry about getting up on ladders to hang lights in places that may or may not be effective.  With inflatable structures the lighting is conveniently built right in so you can just set up and turn on the lights!

Inflatable Structures Get You Noticed

Inflatables are new, stylish, and unique.  As a result, they stand out and provide your company with an additional opportunity to attract new customers.

They’re Affordable

Temporary inflatable galleries take less time and materials to build and maintain than more permanent structures resulting in a great deal of savings both at the time of purchase as well as over the life of the structure.

And, they’re versatile too

You can use inflatables inside or outside, during the day or at night, you can move them around from place to place, put them in storage when not needed, and a whole lot more.  This level of versatility is invaluable and gives your company an edge regardless of what type of special events you plan on hosting.

With all this in mind, an inflatable structure may be just the right option for your next company event – and the one after that, and the one after that too!

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Inflatable structure with integrated light system                             Inflatable structure during a temporary exposition