I’ll just put the wall in my trunk.

4 years ago by in Inflatable Structures

Now there is really a system of movable walls that can travel comfortably in the trunk of your car, but it is not the only feature that makes this temporary partition wall a futuristic inflatable structure.

In the past, when dividing large spaces within an exhibition hall, the options were very limited: there was the Octanorm pavilion system, fixed panels, and little else. The installation of an inflatable wall, compared to a temporary wall, requires almost no time and does not require skilled labor. Therefore it is ideal for cutting down on the assembly time and transport cost, as well as the rental of other types of mobile structures.

Not only designed to be versatile, inflatable structures allow you to be creative while designing an event venue: the space is no longer a container divided up into cubes, but it can be enhanced with interesting forms.

IBEBI‘s objective is indeed to allow you to personalize your space, make it user and client friendly, enhancing your brand image. A high level of design and product functionality has given rise to a number of multifaceted solutions.

Due to the shape of the MURO and IFO systems, you can outline, already with a single inflatable, an exhibition space. While ELEMENT, composed of straight and curved segments, can be used as a modular structure. Both structures are produced with durable materials such as nylon ‘Rip Stop’ anti-tear and PVC. You can integrate a lighting system that transforms the inflatable walls into a vessel that holds an intriguing light feature.

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