IBEBI marries perfectly with your wedding!

4 years ago by in Inflatable Structures

Say the fateful “I do” during the middle seasons, when the flowering almond trees are in bloom or when the leaves first blush, might be veryromantic. However, there are two variables extremely… “variable”, which attenuate the poetry of this choice: the temperature and the time.

The choice of location, in this case, becomes fundamental: any wedding planner will propose exclusively premises that enable you to move, even at the last moment, the preparation of dining outdoors rather than indoors.

Given the weather uncertainty, why persist on setting up a gazebo and maybe even a stage for the musicians, when both are likely to remain unused? In addition to the time required for installation, rental and labor will tax your budget. And then, in addition to the functional aspect, we must also take into account the stylistic choice of the ceremony.

Now, imagine seeing the emergence within a few minutes, from a small sized bag, of an inflatable structure that could solve all your problems: it protects you from the changing climate and your guests in the event of a sudden change in the weather, responds to the need to lighten thebudget for the rental and installation of tents and a stage; it adapts to different uses. Add to this the effect of an irrepressible modern and refined design.

As you can see from the photographs taken during this marriage, GALLERY can be the perfect stage for a live concert, but not exclusively, under its dome structure, there is also ample room for a large table or a space for catering. CASCO and GALLERY have a wraparound shape, and will transport your guests into another dimension. And, to complete the picture, IBEBI has created a unique table top: LOV, the eclectic. LOV consists of two circular top that recall the shape of vinyl records. It is perfect for DJ equipment, as a reception and coffee bar.

All the IBEBI inflatable structures are designed with a customizable integrated lighting system. Because the goal of IBEBI is to add to the emotional aspect to the form.

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