Hula Op Gold – an artisanal project with Papiro Art

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IBEBI Design wants to present an unique artisanal product: Hula Op Gold

To make it we collaborated with “Il Papiro Art” which is a workshop who was born and grown in one of the most artistic Rome’s districts. We want to introduce it with an interview with the artists who made this unique and inimitable piece of art.

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1.What’s your name? 

We are Lidia Scalzo, Rosaria Scalzo and Flavio Chimenton the three members of “Il Papiro Art”:

Lidia is an Art teacher and she’s the founder and the Art Director  of “Il Papiro Art”;

Rosaria is the creative mind and the photographer;

Flavio is graduated in decoration at the School of fine art of Rome.

2.Rosaria, Lidia e Flavio. You have different formations, how did you meet each other?

Rosaria and I (Lidia) are sisters, so we know each other since we was babies, but we have a passion in common which made our relation stronger, art.

Flavio joined us since him first years of academy, he was fascinated from our workshop and from how we are use to use synthetic resins.

3.Lidia, how was born the idea of your workshop? We can read on your website that you was inspired from Bauhaus, could you tell us what you want to reproduce in your workshop and in which philosophy you believe?

After my artistic studies I started to feel the need of a personal workshop. The place where I decide to found “Il Papiro Art”  is the most handcrafted and artistic district in Rome: San Lorenzo, and it welcomed me since the 1985.

I’ve always thought that  life would be happier and easier surrounding myself of beautiful things and I also think that all objects are important, and could be customized like we prefer.

You are right, my inspiration derives from Bauhaus experiences: the construction of an collective activity that combine hand-made work and intellectual work was my goal.

We like the interaction with people indeed for work we are usually the hands that interpret and realize others wishes.

4.You give a new soul to industrial products, how you started with it? Is this one the real challenge of your work?

It’s not the challenge but it’s one of a lot of challenges we deal with. Moved up from the charm and the continue research of new impression we approach industrial world  using their products and materials.

Their transformation, in unique pieces of art take back from the Bauhaus philosophy: Artisan- Art- Industry.

5. How do you get in contact with IBEBI Design? What you liked?     

IBEBI was introduced to us from a salesman in Rome.

It had intrigue us immediately for the form of their products and the materials with which they are made that are suitable with our manual creativity.

The desire to try make the Hula Op and their form our, began immediately. We had found in IBEBI an interested interlocutor in artistic craftsmanship  and so an innovative industry ready to play with us and to support us sending pieces which we transformed in unique products not made in series.

6.You dressed up our Hula Op with a new soul, creating a unique object. But you made three different projects: gold, cement and a Papiro Art decoration.

Could you tell us how this projects had born?

Hula Op has an interest design, it is sinuous and elegant. We fall in love with it.

Hula op Gold was born from it’s prettiness. We decided to make it rich, like a little throne. But on the other hand we decide to work on Hula Op cement that  it’s more adapted for the contemporary of our houses and of the locals which are increasingly minimalist.

The third project and so the third elaboration on an Hula Op it’s matter and decorated, it seems like a sculpture.

It becomes an art object usable also during our every day life.

All of these are repeatable but every one express their uniqueness.

7. During your job you being specialize on the use of resins, how do you approach to this technique?

Resins and plasters are materials which could be apply on almost all the surfaces. I, Lidia, was born like a potter and so the plasticity of this materials allowed me to express also on big surfaces, sculpted expression.

The use of this industrial product for me is fascinating and suggestive, what’s because why I being specialized on this technique.

Colors, which are the other big passion of us, are obtained from the mixture of natural dust and oxides attached to plasters; with Rosaria and Flavio through the continue research and the experimentation we were able to make the use of resins our major.

8. Tell us what you would do when you grow up. Are you dream being realized?  

A lot of dreams are being persistently chased, in particularly the dream of working on which you really love it’s been realized.

But often dreams changes during life and so I want to ask you, is there an age to be adult?

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