Brief, target, and SWOT: How to organize an unforgettable event.

4 years ago by in Event Planning

Planning an event is not an easy feat, we have to envision the details, tell a story, and pay close attention to “how” we bring it to life.

During the briefing, we give a name to the event, we try to understand where it comes from and how can we implement the idea in a real context, we ask ourselves the goals ! We evaluate and consider the target audience: who are our potential visitors, customers, contacts, associates and their potential features?

Promotion for the event is very important: we choose a tone for our communications, we select the keywords that attract the core of the project. We use words that remain in our heads, to our colleagues and, ultimately, to the public.

Now let us arm ourselves with a critical sense and reason we report the project to reality:

  • We have the knowledge sufficient funds?
  • How many similar ideas are out there?
  • How can we make our special event?

We analyze the possible costs & revenues and we make a SWOT analysis: with a magnifying glass, we identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

If put the vital clues in black and white, indicate that the target audience is attracted by the design and the latest trends, then definitely IBEBI’s inflatable structures are a great way to organize a last minute party! Do not go unnoticed: when in the distance you can see IBEBI CASCO, you immediately know that something special is going.

The inflatables are ideal for all types of events: from marriage to a concert or the exposure of a new product at the booth. Thanks to the integrated lighting system, you can create a different atmospheres, which makes the evening memorable!

It does not end here. For those who must deal with the budget, the cost of mounting and displacement are zero. Summing it all up, the success rate is very high!

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