HOTH, The allure of robustness.

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The allure of robustness. Design and air-molding for a chair characterized by comfort and durability…of science fiction.

IBEBI’s HOTH chair, conceals beneath it an icy and statuesque image that holds precious resources. The square structure, held together by sharp changes in planes, gives the seat not only a particular stability and robustness, but it creates an ingenious recess in the back that plays a role as a comfortable ergonomic support for your lower back. The rigorous lines immediately suggest a contemporary look that acquires a personal originality due to the greater amplitude of the backrest relative to the size of the seating. The air-molding injection technique combined with polypropylene reinforced with glass fiber endows the chair with a resistance capable of dealing indoor and outdoor with the most strenuous battles against every attack…

Solidity in & out

“Our collection – says Alberto Bebi, owner of IBEBI – lacked a chair in polypropylene, suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.¬†We had the opportunity¬†win the auction due to foreclosure of a chair mold that we thought was interesting, thereby significantly reducing the investment required to produce the chair. We decided to expand our product range with HOTH.

This chair has great stability and its square-shaped legs are reminiscent of classic wooden chairs. It is stackable up to six levels: an important advantage especially for users in the contract sector. The use of the air-molding has enabled us to reduce the amount of plastic material thus reducing waste without compromises in terms of solidity, but making the final price competitive, which fits well in a mid-range market.

For surface finish we chose to take primarily a charming ice white, and with current color trends, two different shades of gray, ash and smoke, beige and two bright colors with a soft focus like green and orange.

Subjected to the CATAS test for furniture, such as structural strength, stackability, static load, fall, the HOTH chair passed the 3rd level, the more severe test, obtaining the certificate of conformity EN 15373:2007 which indicates that the chair is suitable to be also used in airports, prisons and hospitals. Such characteristics of robustness, together with the clean lines of the design and the great comfort of the back were the main factors that contributed to the high interest shown in his debut ‘in society’, at 100% Design (London, September 19- 22, 2012).

Accompanied by a 5 year warranty on structural defects, Hoth is designed for a life cycle of more than 20 years, after which the chair can be 100% recycled.”

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