How to Choose the Best Hotel for Business Travel

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Choosing the right hotel accommodations is an important part of business travel.  Of course you’ll want the rooms to be clean and comfortable, but, beyond that, what should you look for to create the best business travel experience for you and your team?  Here are a few essentials you’ll always want in any hotel you choose for a business trip.

A Large Conference Room

Before booking any hotel for business travel you’ll want to inquire about the size of the conference room.  A conference room with a big table and space to work can make completing complex projects easier, allow you to meet with your team outside of someone’s hotel room, enable you to host an unexpected meeting with new connections, and other options like these that are otherwise impossible without a large conference room at your hotel.

A Deluxe Business Center

Another important feature you may want to look for when you’re choosing a hotel for business travel is a deluxe hotel business center.  Many hotels have a printer, fax machine, and a computer to use as part of their business center.  Although this can be sufficient, other hotels provide a deluxe business center with extras like a copier, shipping support, and even an assistant to help with calls, emails, and other small duties like these while you’re there which can be a huge help.

Free Wi Fi in Your Room

Although it might seem like every hotel offers it, be sure to ask about free, in room wireless internet access before you book your room(s).  When you’re traveling for business you definitely won’t want to go to the hotel lobby, or off site to get online.

An In-Room Desk

An in room desk and office chair is also a must when choosing a hotel for business travel.  You don’t want to have to sit on your bed to review your presentation or video chat with your boss.  When you have an in room desk though you have a comfortable, organized area to work whenever you need it throughout your stay.

An Easy to Reach Location

In addition to all these on site amenities, you’ll also want the hotel you book to be in an easy to reach location in relation to all your business travel destinations.  This may mean you’ll want it near the airport, or it may mean the best location is nearest the conference center; this will all depend on your trip.  But, you’ll save a great deal on transportation costs, time, and traffic headaches if you consider where you’ll be going and the best overall location for your hotel.

If you’re lucky enough to find a hotel with all of these features, it’s perfect for business travel and you should book it right away!  It’s more likely however that you’ll find two or three of these amenities at each hotel you contact.  In this case, you’ll need to decide which are the most important for your personal business trip to be a success, then, choose that hotel and begin making your travel plans.

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