Give me a firm spot on which to stand, and I shall move the…Table!

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Heureka! Archimede exclaimed. The same did our designer Angelo Pinaffo when he architected the Archimede Table.
The famous sentence: “Give me a firm spot on which to stand, and I shall move the Earth”, demonstrated the principle of the lever.

This is the reason why the table acquired its name: thank to the lever system under the table, you can lift up the top with a small gesture.

Archimede tables are easily transformable, adapting themselves to any needed situation and giving space to imagination.
What leads the designer Angelo Pinaffo is his constant exploration for simplicity and attention to details with the main aim to combine aesthetic appearance to extreme comfort.
Archimede tables embody all these characteristics: pureness, grace, clearness. Leitmotivs in all Angelo’s works.

But, what makes this table stand out?

What’s alluring about them is that they potentially highlight creativity in all its forms. It’s like giving a blank sheet of paper to a child, allowing him to feel free to express and exhibit a flow of fantasies.
Inspired by the Ludwig Mies van der Rohe famous sentence “Less is more”, Archimede table design is based on the principle of essentiality of lines.

A quick-changeable table for a quick-changeable work

Do you need a new table for your office, co-working space, conference room or classroom? You’re looking for the best prices and you centainly have some ideas.
BUT… Before you decide, please, take a seat -preferably one of our IBEBI chairs- and spend a few minutes thinking about how you would fill the empty room or the spaces of the plan in front of you.
Do you really want to occupy spaces with a fixed solution or are you much more into the construction of new solutions for the space?

Take the opportunity to furnish your spaces with… flexibility!
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