Colorful Stools For a Fun Coffee Break

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The coffee break is an important ritual in most offices around the world. Taking a short pause from the stresses of work to enjoy a delicious cup of espresso can make a big difference in the flow of the average work day. Instead of a drab, boring place to enjoy the short break, why not liven things up with a bit of color and comfortable seating?

Add Some Color

Color is known to affect mood and emotion in humans, so the last thing you want in an area where you take a break is something drab and ordinary.

To create a more exciting environment, try adding in colorful seating, such as the Hula Op or Bongo stool, to make your coffee area more enjoyable. They are available in a rainbow of colors, as well as the traditional favorites. Try adding a pop of red, green, orange or purple to your coffee area for a more fun look.

Hula Op – A beautifully curved stool with foot rest. Remember that these stools work well for any coffee area that happens to be located outdoors.

modern stools Hula Op

Bongo – Another fun stool that looks like a spring and swivels. The height is adjustable to accommodate those sitting on it.

Swivel Bongo stool


Sometimes this much needed break is the exact thing that a brain needs in order to think more clearly.

Ideas formulate, writer’s block disappears, and entire concepts can become much clearer in this short amount of time. Give employees an inspiring get-away in the work place, where you encourage their creativity and originality.

Remember that a coffee break is a time to relax and enjoy chatting with coworkers about something other than work.

Employees work hard to keep a business going, so creating a comfortable break environment is a great way to thank them for their hard work.