How to find right chairs for your outdoor event

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Hoth chairs outdoor

Whether you own or manage a restaurant, cafeteria, bar, event hall or other type of dining establishment, you know seating is important.

Of course you have to have enough chairs to seat the maximum number of guests you can accommodate. But, the seating in your dining establishment also needs to be:

Easy to Clean

It probably goes without saying that the seating in any type of space where eating will take place needs to be easy to clean. But, many times this basic consideration is overlooked; and, in the end, eatery owners are faced with additional costs for cleaning, repair, and even replacement as a result.


Ensuring guests are comfortable will also ensure they have a good time, stay longer, and, as a result, remember your establishment positively when considering where to go for future outings and events. With this in mind it’s easy to see that the ergonomics of any chair you choose for your dining space is important too.

Eco Friendly

Considering the impact your eating establishment has on the planet is very important. Recyclable seating provides an option for todays eateries that’s not only functional but eco friendly as well.

Colorful and lively

Most restaurants, dining halls, bars, etc. have a style in mind that incorporates some level of elegance and overall flair with their own personal theme. The right chairs can contribute to these design goals in a big way.

IBEBI Design could offer you the Hoth chair to help you to furnish your event. Hoth chair is an indestructible and ergonomic chair. It’s not an exaggeration, it’s really durable. If you don’t believe it, watch the video.The material used and the anti-UV treatment allowed it to be used both indoor and outdoor, because it can withstand the rain and the sun. It is a chair recyclable at 100 %, which was produced respecting the environment.

If you want more info about Hoth, click here or download the technical file. 

If you’d like to see Hoth chairs at work, take a look at our projects all around the world!