Behind design

What’s more in a design object? What’s more alluring about it? Why do people feel attracted?

Design is how it works

Quoting Steve Jobs: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Ibebi embraces this concept: first of all, objects must do their work by being resistant and functional.

But why is the mind so attracted by these objects?

I think the answer is in the gap between the habit to use an object and the different shape that it can assume. A way to see things with a different prospective that responds to a value system.

And what’s more?

A design object breaks pre-conceptions and shifts things to a new vision. Design breaks routine. It drives imagination into new unexpected mind games.

Great Design as great food

I believe great food should be like great design. It must be appetizing when you look at it and when you sit down to taste it, furthermore it has to be satisfying. Sometimes food is ceremonial, but sometimes it’s just there as an accompaniment. I think the same thing happens with design. When you first look at it, you come up with an idea about its quality, when you touch it, you experience it through other senses, and when you sit down you have another feeling. It’s not just the design of the object itself, it’s the whole design of an experience.

Design and food share something more.

“Design” is not just about “sitting” and “food” is not is not just about “eating”. It’s about what it allows us to do with other people, a social interaction that enables or fosters. So a great meal is not just great food, but also great companionship. Design is something that brings people together.

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