5 tips for your office!

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It’s really important for your business to have a good impact upon the clients. Transform your office in the smartest way: be impressive! Everything around you must be aspirational: try to find the right communication channel for your target: dress the proper way, feel confident and spread empathy. Your office must reflect all this!

Choose the area…

Does your office really need to be based in an exclusive area? Do you really need to rent a super expensive place in Manhattan or would you better think about an alternative reasonably priced workspace in Brooklyn or another smaller business centre near the main city?

…And now think about the building

The building will also give your associates and clients the idea of your business. This is why multinationals choose important business buildings where other well-known companies are based. If you are a forward-thinking entrepreneur don’t forget to figure out which kind of building can be in line with your activity.

If these walls could talk

…they would tell your company’s history. Think about your idea of office: try out googling or take inspiration from other places you’ve been to. Find the office that inspires you more than others. Does it have paintings, murals or photographs? Essential graphic doodles or an explosion of colors? In many offices you can find pictures with quotes by people who represent the company’s mission. Here’s a good one from Richard Brenson:

“A business has to be involving, it has to be fun and it has to exercise your creative instinct.”

Operative Chair

OK. You are the  super CEO Boss of a major business, therefor your chair must be a throne! Also the other poor collaborators chairs must be comfortable and ergonomic as well and, why not, with a good design.

Desk sweet Desk

How much time do you spend at your desk and how much at home? No comparison at all! Much more in the office. Your desk reflects your daily mood, your personality, your schedule.

“How is your desk today”?

Do you need to move your desk around for workgroup sessions? Does your space need to be versatile and multi-functional? So… Make it easy! Help yourself by choosing a foldable desk that makes your office dynamic in any moment!

IBEBI combines all your needs in one smart solution: Archimede, the functional foldable table that doesn’t give up on design! In conclusion, go on thinking about all your office details, from the area that surrounds you, to the mouse you’re using, but leave IBEBI design think about your desk!

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