5 Reasons Inflatable Structures Should Definitely Be Part of Your Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

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Guerrilla marketing is a style of advertising that focuses on creativity and uniqueness in order to attract potential customers; as opposed to other options that often require a great deal of cash instead. With these goals in mind, using an inflatable structure is a smart addition to any unconventional company event you’re planning.

There are several reasons inflatable structures are ideal for guerrilla marketing campaigns including:

Inflatable Structures can be Used Anywhere

Because they’re so portable and fast to assemble these inflatable structures can be used wherever your guerrilla marketing campaign may take you.  Whether it’s the park, a city street, an event hall, or anywhere else, you’ll be able to find an inflatable structure you can use there.  Then, they can quickly be taken down and even reassembled for future guerrilla marketing events.

They Can be Used Any Time Too

Many inflatable structures come complete with integrated lighting systems.  This way no matter what time of day you’re holding your company event you can get the light you need right where you need it.

Inflatables Come in a Variety of Styles

There are a range of different styles and sizes of these temporary structures you can use to create display tables, galleries, tunnels, booths, and more almost instantly.

They’re Customizable

You can customize your inflatable structure too which will help create brand recognition and allow your entire display to stand out, get noticed, and bring in new customers at all the guerrilla marketing events you hold.

And, Best of All Inflatable Advertising is Affordable

Using inflatable structures is an affordable way to get any company noticed. Not only is the overall cost incredibly reasonable the structures can be used more than once as we mentioned, and, they require limited if any assistance to assemble saving you time and labor costs.

Given the ultimate goals of guerrilla marketing – to create unconventional marketing events by using innovative ideas that are memorable yet affordable – inflatable structures are sure to be a great addition to your next event.